What is Operating System? Types Of Operating System?


What Is Operating System?


Do you know that the computer has its own control program, which operates it. If you do not know then today we are going to tell you about Operating System Kya Hai. An operating system is a software program that acts as an interface between a computer and a user. OS follows the instructions given by us with the help of other parts of the computer and it takes the help of CPU to complete those instructions, and then shows us its result through any output device. In simple words, “Operating system is such a control program, which operates the rest of the programs of the computer”.


You and all of us do or get our work done with the help of computer. When we do any work on the computer, we act as a controller for the computer to complete it, in the language of the computer, we operate it. So let us explain you the complete information about Operating System Kya Hota Hai in detail. To get complete information about Operating System Meaning or Operating System Kya Hota Hai, definitely read this article of ours from beginning to end.

What is the Operating System

Operating System i.e. OS is a group of software, which controls all the hardware of the system. The OS follows our given instructions with the help of other parts of the computer. This control program called Operating System, we give commands to the OS with the help of any Input Device. To carry out those commands, it takes the help of CPU, and then shows us its result through any output device. In a way, the operating system acts as a manager for the entire computer system.


Operating System Meaning 

If you have this question in your mind that what is the meaning of operating system , then let us tell you that operating system is called “operating system” in .

Distributed Operating System

Distributed Operating Systems are those that store data, and distribute it to many locations, this makes the task of data processing easier.

Real-time Operating System

It does fast processing in a given time, it is a very fast system. It responds quickly to the inputs given by the user.

It is expected that you must have got the information about Operating System Kya H and What is Operating System in , along with this you must have also come to know what is the meaning of Operating System. now we will give you the features of Operating System. Tells about.

Functions or Features of Operating System

The computer cannot do any work without the operating system, the functions and features of the operating system are as follows: memory management, processor management, file management etc.

Memory Management: The Operating System manages the primary memory, that is, which part of the memory is being used in which program. The OS itself allocates memory to the program.

Process Management: It allocates the program to the processor (CPU) and deallocates it when the task is over.

Device Management: Operating System keeps information about all the input-output devices of the computer, which program to allocate which device at which time, it is also called I / O controller.

File Management: Many directories are stored in a single file, OS manages the files so that the files can be easily found.

Security: It protects any data and file from unauthorized access through password or other technology.

Error Detector: It is very secure, due to which this virus can be detected immediately.

Being a GUI interface, it is easily usable.

Operating System Names

There are different types of Operating System available at present. Some of them are the name of the operating system.

  • DOS
  •  Linux
  • Microsoft Windows (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10) etc.

Hope that you have got complete information related to Operating System Definition in and Meaning Operating System given by us.


Hopefully, now you must have come to know that Operating System  (What is Operating System) and how Operating System works in any computer. This was a small effort of ours, to introduce you to all the aspects of operating system through this article. From the meaning of Operating System, we have provided you complete information about Operating System.


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