Sant Namdev Maharaj Information In English | Sant Namdev Maharaj Biography in English

Sant Namdev Maharaj Information In English

Sant Namdev Maharaj Biography In English


 Saint Shiromani Namdev Maharaj (born: 26 October 1270; Sanjeevan Samadhi: 3 July 1350) was a Warkari saint poet from Maharashtra. His last name was Relekar. He was one of the oldest poets in Marathi language. He also composed poems in Vraja languages. The Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikhs was a biographer, autobiographer and the first preacher to take Bhagwat Dharma to Punjab through ‘Kirtan’. Therefore, the Punjabi community as well as the concerned community are struggling to develop their birthplace, Narsi Namdev. Narsi Namdev is a village in Hingoli district of Marathwada in Maharashtra. The temple of Saint Namdev Maharaj was renovated in 2019.

Bhaktashiromani Saint Namdev passed away during the reign of Saint Dnyaneshwar. He had a reputation for making the real Panduranga move because of his kirtan. Saint Namdev is believed to have been a close associate of Sri Vitthal. Saint Namdev is a great preacher of the Warkari sect and he has achieved emotional unity in that regard all over India. He voluntarily carried the flag of Bhagwat Dharma to Punjab.

Damashetti was the father of Saint Namdeo and Gonai was his mother. Damasheti’s business was to sew clothes. I mean, he was a tailor. Yadushet, a man of the seventh generation before him, was a devotee of the sattvic tendency. Narsi-Bamni (Narsi Namdev) is the birth village of Saint Namdeo in present day Hingoli district. Namdeo was born in Prabhav Naam year, Shake 1192 (1270) on Kartik Shuddha Ekadashis, Rohini Nakshatras, Sunday. Saint Namdeo lived to be 80 years old. His childhood was spent in Pandharpur. He had a unique devotion to Sri Vitthal from his childhood.

A fair of saints like Nivruttinath, Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, Sopandev, Muktabai, Sant Namdev, Chokhamela, Visoba Khechar had gathered at Teradhoki near Saint Gora Kumbhar. On this occasion, at the request of Saint Dnyaneshwar, Gorobaka had expressed his views on the spiritual preparation of the audience. It was only after this incident that Saint Namdeo got Visoba Khechar as his spiritual guru.

Wife Rajai, elder sister Aubai; Nara, Vitha, Gonda, Mahada were the family of Saint Namdeo with his four sons and one daughter Limbai. There were a total of fifteen men in his family. Saint Janabai, who calls herself ‘Namayachi Dasi’, was a member of his family.

Saint Namdeo’s Abhangagatha (about 2500 Abhangs) is famous. He composed some abhangs (about 125 verses) in Shourseni language. Of these, about sixty-two abhangs (Namdevjiki Mukhbani) are recorded in Gurmukhi script in the Gurugranth Saheb of the Sikh sect. Saint Namdeo has described the character of Saint Dnyaneshwar in three chapters of Adi, Samadhi and Tirthavali or Tirthavali.

There were many good texts mentioned in the kirtan. This shows that he is knowledgeable and studious. ‘Namdev kirtan kari, pudhe dev nache pandurang’ – that was his merit. ‘Nachu Kirtanache Rangi, Gyandeep Lavu Jagi’ was the goal of his life.

As one of the first preachers of Bhagwat Dharma, Saint Namdeo preached Bhagwat Dharma for about 50 years after the resurrection Samadhi of Saint Dnyaneshwar. He worked hard to preserve the emotional unity of Maharashtra in adverse circumstances. The Sikh brothers in Punjab feel it. The Sikhs sing his praises as ‘Namdev Baba’. There is a striking resemblance between ‘Shabad Kirtan’ in Punjab and ‘Warkari Kirtan’ in Maharashtra. The Sikhs have built their temple at Ghuman (Punjab). Bahordas, Ladhvishnuswami, Keshav Kaladhari were his Punjabi disciples. The Sikh brothers in Rajasthan have also built temples to Namdeo. The real name used for him is ‘Sant Shiromani’.

He considered it a blessing to have the steps of the Vitthal temple at Pandharpur as a ‘step stone’ so that the feet of the devotees and saints could be touched with dust. Saint Namdev merged Pandurangcharani at Pandharpur in Ashadh Vadya Triodashi, Shake 1272 (Saturday, July 3, 1350). There is no consensus on the exact date. In this calendar, the date of death is given as 24th July. Saint Namdev traveled all over India doing this kirtan.

Legend about Namdeo

  • When Namdev Maharaj was very young, his father told him, “Today you show Prasad to God.” On that day, Namdeo did not just show Nevaidya, but waited before God for when he would eat it. Respecting that very innocent expectation, the real Vitthal appeared before him and accepted the offerings given by Namdeo.
  • Saint Namdev Maharaj took a bowl of ghee and followed him so that the dog would not have to eat the dry chapati.
  • Once on the occasion of Mahashivaratri, when Saint Namdev went to Aundha to pay obeisance to Nagnath, the priests begged him not to do bhajan / kirtan in the temple. Respecting his request, Namdev sat at the back of the temple and started inviting Nagnath for darshan. Seeing the devotion of Namdeo, God turned the east-facing temple to the west to give them darshan, which is still the case today.

Literature of Namdeo and literature written about Namdeo


  • Ghas Ghei Panduranga (Novel, Writer – Ravindra Bhat)
  • Gyandeep of Eternal: Saint Namdev (Subhash K. Deshpande)
  • Early Marathi Autobiographer-Saint Namdev (Dr. Mrs. Suhasini Irlekar)
  • Namdev Gatha (Editor: Nana Maharaj Sakhre)
  • Namdev Gatha (Editor: H.Shri Shenolikar)
  • Cultural collection of Sant Namdev-Tukaram (Dr. Shripal Sabnis)
  • Namdeo’s saga (Government of Maharashtra publication – Total 2337 Abhangs)
  • Sant Namdev Gatha (Kanade / Nagarkar)
  • Shri Namdev: Character, Poetry and Work (Publication by Government of Maharashtra)
  • Shri Namdev Charitra (VS Sukhtankar Guruji-Alandi)
  • Shri Sant Namdev Maharaj Charitra (Prof. Dr. Balkrishna Lalit)
  • Shri Namdev Charitra Granth Philosophy (Shankar Vaman Dandekar)
  • Shri Namdev Charitra (V. G. Kanitkar) (Government Publications)
  • Sant Namdev (Balwangtramay, Rabindra Bhat)
  • Sant Namdev Charitra (Balwangtramay, Shailja Vasekar)
  • Poetry and sainthood of Saint Namdeo (Dr. Shripal Sabnis)
  • Sant Shiromani Baba Namdev (Deepak Biche)
  • Namdevji … ‘Shiromani Bhagat Namdevji: A Brief History (Hindi)
  • Saint Tukavipra has composed many abhangs on Saint Namdev, some of which are given here
  • Namdev Saint Famous Loving | Vitthal Nirmal Avatar God for Gonai’s belly devotion | Jale santrao jantaru
  • Tukavipra says Aisachi Vitthal | Eternity is being born
Namdev aisa bhakta kalyugi Praman trijagi duja nahi nirupam nama deva avadata Tayasi samata nahi duja shatkoti granth abhang vadla Shiromani Jala Bhakt a Tukavipra says Blessed Namdev | Kalit Vaishnava Gyan Sindhu


Monuments of Namdeo

  • Namdev is a sub-species of oysters in Maharashtra.
  • A school at Maharshinagar in Pune has been named as Sant Namdev School.
  • The University of Pune has a Sant Namdev Study, and a Sant Namdev Hall.
  • There is a degree college named Baba Namdev at Ghuman in Punjab. (Established 17-7-2016). Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan was held in Ghuman village.
  • There is a large monument of Saint Namdeo in the village of Narsi Namdev in Hingoli district.

A sample of poetry


Agnimaji pade balu mata dhave kanwalu, taisa dhave majhiya kaja, akila me das tujha, sarvechi zepave, pakshini pili padtachi dharani bhukele vatsarave
Namdev should be known as a saint.
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