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Me Paus Boltoy Essay In English


Essay Writing – I’m Talking Rain …


[Issues: The beginning of the statement of rain Man’s inseparable relationship with rain Rain is a regular gift to man – Both man and rain love each other.]

The smell came, the rain came

Nabha’s dome, the soil is heavy

This rainy song of poet Ashok Bagwe was playing on the radio. The rain was falling in the right direction. All the words were soaked in the rain. The particles in the sky were filled with the smell of soil. The rain heard this song and he himself became agitated … his feelings for man were awakened in his mind. Words began to flow from his throat … “What a soft voice! How deeply man has rooted me in his own heart! Sometimes man destroys nature. So, I am afraid that the original form of nature will be affected, and I often get angry about it.

‘But tell the truth? Man is gentle inwardly. In my company it becomes softer, softer. My delusions pierce the stars of his heart. Then I wrap the whole creation in greenery for him. He goes everywhere with that darshan. That form of that time is alluring. That is why it has become my hobby to meet him in different forms at different times. I visit him three or four months a year; Sometime in the middle of the wave, it goes away. But during my leisure time, the man engaged in his various activities is eagerly waiting for me at the end of May. If it is a little late, it becomes restless. It happens to me that I meet him once. Then I collect the clouds. He rides on them and runs at the speed of the wind to meet the man.

“What a ceremony! There are clouds all over the sky. The sun is obscured. Darkness spreads throughout the day. The wind blows like a hurricane. And in a few moments, it starts raining in the form of dripping drops. I don’t want to stop at all. I am the sky. Only me! Neighbors, on the streets, in the fields, in the mountains, in the valleys, I have my own communication everywhere. All the children dance with me. I soak them in me and those kids soak me in their excitement. In fact, both of them become one and dance happily with each other. I like the man so much that he has named the time of my visit as ‘Rainy’!

“Sometimes I get bored of it falling like this. Then I get a soft ripple. My soft touch makes that person soft. The sun’s rays run to catch me as my awkwardness disappears. I also start playing catch-up with them.” I don’t know when it gets mixed up. The sun’s rays dissolve in my drops and I become Alwar by spreading my own Bhagavad-gita. Begins to flow in space.

“Sometimes a person behaves like a seer. He has caused so many different kinds of pollution that even I am helpless. My body becomes dry. There are no drops of water in the body. All salvation is gone. I take my clouds everywhere. Tries to go; But not a drop of rain can fall. The land dries up. She falls apart. I can hear her taho tapping. But I can’t do anything. People say famine has hit! “Sometimes the opposite happens. Pollution causes huge temperature fluctuations. My diet deteriorates. I lose my balance. Water fills the clouds. I can’t recover. I balance somewhere. So I fall. There is no cure for me here either. There is only one noise like cloudburst, cloudburst! If a person still improves his behavior, my beautiful friendship with him will last forever!

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