Many big revelations from the affidavit of Dominica Police, Mehul Choksi was found sitting on the beach late at night, was holding a shopping bag in his hand

Mehul Choksi told the police that he is a resident of Antigua and he is Choksi, who has been brought to Dominica by a boat. But no boat was found there.

Revelations About Mehul Choksi in Dominaca Police Affidavit: The police of Dominac has claimed in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court (ECSC) that fugitive businessman Mehul Choksi was found sitting in suspicious condition on the Toqueri beach at 11.30 pm on May 24. But he could not be identified at that time. Police said that they had registered a case against Choksi at 9 pm on May 28 for ‘illegal entry’. According to the report of Hindustan Times, this information has been given in the affidavit of Dominica Police (Mehul Choksi in Dominica). There have been many big revelations from these affidavits of the police, but at the same time there are many contradictions in it.

An affidavit has been submitted by the Superintendent of Police of Dominica. In which it is told that Choksi was found on 24 May, after which he was admitted to a hospital in Rosso (Mehul Choksi Antigua News). When he demanded clothes and mattress, he was also given these items. Dominica’s police do not meet such demands of other prisoners, so it is incomprehensible why Choksi was given the facility. The police sergeant posted there told that Choksi had a shopping bag in his hand. He told the police that he was from Antigua and it was Choksi, who was brought to Dominica by a boat.

Lawyer accuses police

According to the affidavit, when Choksi could not produce his travel documents, he was arrested. Last week, Choksi’s lawyer told the court that he (Mehul Choksi) was illegally detained for 96 hours. He was not even produced before the court within 72 hours (Mehul Choksi Latest News). However, the police had dismissed these allegations. In the affidavit, all Dominica police officers have claimed that Choksi was repeatedly saying that he was kidnapped and brought to Dominica.

no boat found in the sea

No evidence was found to substantiate his claims. Apart from this, the police did not even see any boat in the sea. The police said that Choksi could not be identified till May 28 as he did not have any identity document. On the other hand, the police have also said that one of Choksi’s lawyers had contacted him on May 26. He wanted to meet his client (Revelations About Mehul Choksi in Dominaca Police Affidavit). But the police denied this. The police said it had to spend $400 to get Choksi new clothes on May 26.

did not advocate for sending to India

On May 27, four lawyers were allowed to meet him. Choksi also did not reveal anything about his alleged kidnappers. Choksi’s deportation has not been advocated in the affidavit. Police say that they are finding out the motive behind his coming to Dominica (Mehul Choksi in Dominaca Police Custody). Please tell that Mehul Choksi is the maternal uncle of fugitive Nirav Modi. He has been accused of cheating Punjab National Bank of more than Rs 13,000 crore. Both had fled from India. Case is going on in UK against Nirav Modi. While Choksi had come to Antigua.

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