BSP will support farmers ‘protest day’ on May 26; Mayawati appeals – Speaks again; Center to solve the problem f

 Mayawati alleges that the Center’s attitude towards the farmers of the country (Mayawati On Farmers) is yet to appear confrontational, which is why there is a deadlock between the two.

BSP will support farmers ‘protest day’ on May 26


 BSP will support farmers ‘protest day’ on May 26; Mayawati appeals


The movement of farmers who are protesting on the Delhi border against the three farm laws is going to be completed for 6 months tomorrow. On this occasion, the farmers have announced the Country Wide Farmer Protest on 26 May. At the same time, the BSP has said to support the farmers’ movement.

BSP President Mayawati (BSP Chief Mayawati) says that in these circumstances of the farmers epidemic, there are costlier protests. The central government needs to be sensitive towards the farmers. At the same time, he announced that the party will support the farmers’ protest day.

‘Support to farmers’ protest day’

Mayawati tweeted that, “Farmers of the country are continuously agitating even in this extreme calamity of Corona, demanding the withdrawal of three new agricultural laws. BSP’s support for their nationwide ‘protest day’ on 26 May, on the completion of 6 months of the movement. Kendra also needs to be sensitive to these ”.


1. तीन नए कृषि कानूनों को वापस लेने की माँग को लेकर देश के किसान कोरोना के इस अति-विपदाकाल में भी लगातार आन्दोलित हैं। आन्दोलन के 6 महीने पूरे होने पर कल 26 मई को उनके देशव्यापी ’विरोध दिवस’ को बीएसपी का समर्थन। केन्द्र को भी इनके प्रति संवेदनशील होने की जरूरत। 1/2

— Mayawati (@Mayawati) May 25, 2021

‘Central Government should talk to farmers again’

At the same time, in the second tweet, Mayawati said that the attitude of the Center towards the farmers of the country seems to be mostly confrontational so far. This is why there is a deadlock between the two, that is why the situation in the neighboring states of Delhi is tense. Along with this, he appealed to the Center and said that this problem should be resolved by re-negotiating with the agitating farmers.

Opposition parties have once again supported farmers sitting on dharna against agricultural laws. The 12 major opposition parties, including the Congress, have supported the decision of the United Kisan Morcha (SKM). In the midst of the Corona crisis, the United Kisan Morcha (SKM) will hold demonstrations across the country on 26 May. On this day, the time for the 6 months that started the peasant movement will be completed.

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