Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Study | Benefits Of Online Study

Today in this post we have given the Advantages of online study and  disadvantages of online study

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Online Study


Advantages of reading online from mobile 

Online studies have many advantages which differentiate it from offline studies, so online padhai ke kya Fayde Hai, we know this point by point below.

Online studies are attracted :- Yes it is right when we watch a movie from TV or mobile then that story gets printed in our mind. In the same way, when we read from mobile through online video, our attention is attracted towards it and we also remember the topic which we find boring.

Time saved: – This is the biggest advantage of doing online padhai, it saves us a lot of time because we do not need to go to any institute or coaching class, then all this time of waiting for classes to come and go is saved. is

Online Test Series:- I like this thing best about Online Mobile Studies Test Series because nowadays many exams are being conducted online through computer, due to which it is also important to have your experience in giving online exam, which will give you trouble at the time of exam. No, a good medium for this is online test series, from which our preparation is assessed well and it does not seem boring, it attracts a lot so that you remember more questions or answers.

No hassle of writing:- In offline class or studies, we have to write down the notes of what the teacher reads, which is tiring work. But this is not the case in reading from the Internet, in this, PDF notes are sent to your mobile like a digital printed book or you can download it from their App or Website, in which you can read without writing in your mobile and if you want. If you want to read physically, you can also read the notes by getting them printed.

Everyone can ask anything:- I have often seen in offline class that many children are a little shy and timid, who do not understand, even then they cannot stand in the class and ask the teacher about some topic. Because they remain weak in studies

But this is not the case in online live class, if live class is going on, then any student can ask their question in the comment box, they can ask any kind of information, so that those children get a chance to ask questions and it is easy.

Opportunity to see class back:- This is a big advantage of studying from internet if you are watching live class and if you do not understand some point or else you have done some work during live class and you are in class. If you are unable to attend, you have the option to watch the class again as it is in the form of a video which you can watch and understand again as many times as you want


Disadvantages or Defects of Online Reading 

Less memory:- We are accustomed to offline classes from the beginning, so suddenly everything online is not set in our mind because physically studying in class is a different experience due to which the memory is very less than online classes, however. Gradually, when we get used to it and read in series, then you will find this problem very less.

Lack of Discipline:- We see that when we are in school or any coaching center then due to fear of master and discipline rules of that institute, we remain very disciplined in class due to which our studies are done well but in online class Neither do we have teachers nor are we in any school or institute, just to study from home, then there is no fear of the teacher as much as you want to study, otherwise have fun, it proves to be harmful for us, it is up to you. how do you take it

Eye damage:- This is the biggest disadvantage of online studies, I keep it at number one, we stay on mobile or computer due to online studies for hours, due to which the waves coming out of the mobile screen cause a lot of damage to our eyes. Does not study offline or in class

And when we read some online pdf or notes or book then there words are very small due to which we have to put more emphasis on eyes then our eyes start getting damaged this is a big disadvantage of online reading from mobile

But often I have seen that even if we do not study with mobile, we spoil our eyes in useless things from where we do not get anything, here at least we study

Lack of level of mind: – This is also the disadvantage of online studies, when we sit to study online by being serious on a topic, sometimes unnecessary ads come in the video, sometimes mobile notifications come Different colors on the screen. Changes keep happening due to which our brain balance is not correct and we have less memory while studying online than in offline classes.

Can not ask face to face questions: – This is also a big disadvantage of online studies, when we are physically in class, if we do not understand any topic, we can immediately ask the teacher, but in online class, we physically ask the teacher. We are far away from the form due to which we cannot ask anything. We would have had the option to ask through commant or chat, but we do not get the answer in time because many children live online in the online class, so all

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